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"I'm motivated by LOVE!" exhorted the Rev. Bruce Howard at the top of a recent broadcast. He then proceeded with his rambling half-hour discourse on finding love, experiencing love, universal love, spiritual love, etc., etc. The lecture--which is buffered by a song (an original or an old standard) and a visit from Buster, his adorably mortified Boston terrier--is essentially the same every week. That the show is nonetheless entertaining is mostly a testament to his skills as an orator, but it's also a tribute to his particular brand of showmanship. A few years back, his broadcasts were as combustible as anything on TV--equal parts Cramps concert, revival meeting, and university philosophy lecture. The same manic energy is now redirected towards creating a genuine oasis of calm and positivity, an especially neat trick since it's done without insulting your intelligence or sacrificing the whiff of the absurd that has always permeated his broadcasts. We love YOU, Rev. Bruce Howard!
--Seattle Weekly July 26th-August 1st, 2001

Looks like the Rev. is starting to get the attention he so aptly deserves.