"Love is All"
Open your eyes to what is truly before you,
hasten not to judge what you believe is real.

For unto that which seems not as it should,
Is a vision of beauty which shall be forsaken.

Behold the splendor of the truth revealed,
This one experience shall swiftly pass.

Gaze beyond your physical reality,
Touch the soul of all existence.

Be not blind to that which stands before you,
Then entire universe in one strand of hair.

Grasp the seemingly impossible such as a shooting star,
Exact in nature to the blood which flows within you.

To tarry on the meaningless is foolish waste,
Much more value does understanding hold.

Open your eyes to the door of your very essence,
Enter inside and ponder it's meaning.

The very purpose of all our existence,
A light that illuminates the entire universe.

The breath of life penetrating to the core of our being,
Just one word meaning more than all languages spoken.

Love is so much more than a simple word,
It gives reason for the sun to shine.

Love is why the winds blow and stars twinkle,
The heart that holds no love is truly dead.

All the answers for which mankind seeks,
Were given so very long ago.

When creation came down upon this earth,
And taught the lesson of every lifetime.

Too often we struggle against what was meant to be,
To comprehend what every newborn child easily understands.

That love is all and nothing more is needed,
To open our eyes and awaken our soul.

Behold the splendor that stands before you,
The beauty of love that which is God.

Cry no more beloved and ease your weary heart,
For there is no pain when in the presence of love.

Absolutely pure and incorruptible are you now,
For you have been given power to stand against any storm.

All your troubles and worries are meaningless,
Because only one thing holds any true meaning.

Living to love and loving to live,
Love is all and all is God.

Tony Ingram
June 4th 1999



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